Urbana divrziteta / Urbane Diversität

The project will connect migrant entrepreneurs and their families in Ljubljana and Graz to enhance and promote diversity through creativity. Creativity is increasingly understood as the facilitator of growth in all types of industries diversity is recognized as one of the key factors of economic added value and many countries and regions have embraced migration and mobility as a foundation of innovation and creation of social and economic wealth. As demonstrated by statistics (EU and the USA) migrant entrepreneurs are more industrious resourceful and prepared to take risks. In short they are more creative since they operate and succeed in societies which often marginalize them.Migrant entrepreneurs are also creative in Ljubljana and Graz, where they also live with their families. Both cities have managed to enact some support and assistance, but also develop obstacles that hinder migrant entrepreneurs in realizing their creative potential and obstruct their integration in the working and broader society. These obstacles manifest themselves on multiple levels and are difficult to detect and remove. They are a risk also for the host society since they obstruct migrants potential and hinder its own economic and social development. The goal of the project is therefore a development of the potential and creativity of migrant entrepreneurs and their families through connection and collaboration of both cities which will enable the removal of social and other obstacles. This aim will be achieved with the assistance and use of good practices developed and implemented in other European cities. The project hopes to inspire creativity and innovation and to promote diversity and consequently increase the social cohesion in both cities and region. The developed model of collaboration will be suitable also for the inclusion of refugees since integration through work and self-employment could be considered as one of the most useful tools for their success and empowerment

Priority axis 3

Investment Priority 11b
SO 1: Improving cooperation in the fields of risk management, energy, health and social cohesion

Project duration

1 May 2017 – 30 April 2020

Contracted ERDF

713.944,41 EUR

Project Partners

Znanstveno raziskovalni center Slovenske akademije znanosti in umetnosti (Lead Partner)

Regionalna razvojna agencija Ljubljanske urbane regije

Abteilung für Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung der Stadt Graz

Land Steiermark, Abteilung 10