Celostna ekoremedicija Kučnice kot trajnostna strategija upravljanja z vodami s ciljem izboljšanja ekološkega stanja / Ganzheitliche Renaturierung der Kutschenitza als nachhaltige Wasserwitschaftstrategie zur Verbesserung des ökologischen Zustands

The project ‘Integrated ecological restoration of the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River as a sustainable water management strategy with the aim of improving the ecological situation’, abbreviated RENATA, will address the need to improve water quality in transboundary rivers and the need to strengthen biodiversity in water and riparian areas.

The main common goal of the RENATA project is to improve the ecological condition of the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River through sustainable regulation, which will also take into account adaptation to climate changes.
Today, the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River forms the state border between Austria and Slovenia. Any water management regulation or strategy therefore urgently requires cross-border treatment.

The main results of the RENATA project will be joint study and research work, modelling of surface waters (of the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River and the Klavžni potok/Klaussenbach), and a sustainable water management strategy, which will include a joint proposal to improve the quality of the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River and revitalize the former natural branches of the Kučnica/Kutschenitza River, thus establishing retention areas for high water events. The sustainable water management strategy will include two concrete proposals for a new Kučnica/Kutschenitza riverbed. The proposal of the new riverbed will include the geometric definition of the river bottom, the composition of the river bottom and autochthonous riparian overgrowth. In this way, comprehensive bases will be prepared for sustainable regulation, which will create diverse living conditions for indigenous species, the self-cleaning capacity of the watercourse will be increased, and at the same time the water flow will be slowed down.

A systematic approach, combining knowledge of biology and rapid engineering, represents an innovative approach in designing habitats for indigenous species.

Priority axis 2

Investment Priority 6f
SO 1: Innovation in sustainable management and utilization of water resources

Project duration

1 January 2021 – 31 December 2022

Contracted ERDF

350.000 EUR

Project Partners

Inštitut za hidravlične raziskave (Lead Partner)

Forschung Burgenland GmbH