Aufbau eines regio. Frauen-International.-Netzwerkes für CB Geschäftskooper. und gemeins. Aktivitäten um Zugänge zu neuen Märkten zu schaffen. Vzpostavitev regi. žen. internacional. mreže za CB poslovna sodelo. in skupne akt. za dostop do novih trgov

The project aims to the program-specific target, increasing cross-border cooperation among companies for internationalization. The focus of the present project lies on female entrepreneurs in peripheral regions, because it shows on one hand a big potential for cross-border cooperation in the program area and on the other hand there is a need to provide basic frameworks and access for new markets, as well to get to know new potential cooperation partners. The strong entrepreneurial diversity of women is a not to be underestimated economic factor in the regions. The issue Internationalization does need a gradual approach, to build up the necessary skills and conditions of women entrepreneurs. The measures will be a multi-step process to support the creation of a stable environment for cross-border cooperation, and to make new international markets visible for entrepreneurs. The approach is the establishment of inter-company networks – namely multi- sectorial in order to develop possible joint internationalization potentials. The core outputs are: 1 sustainable network, 10 active cross-border cooperation and 1 example of B2B international, 1 specific CB SME Service. This requires cross-border pilot activities such as cooperation events (B2B events, fact finding tours, meetings in small groups, etc.) In addition, the women will exchange their know-how to each other accompanied by cross-border expert to matters like target market SI AT, interesting international markets, intercultural knowledge, legal aspects, communcation and softskills. Regional will be trainings like communication, soft skills etc. implemented. Intensive support, use of synergies and knowledge-transfer by the project partners and intermediaries in the program regions, as well as efficient cooperation across national and corporate boundaries, pave the way for new international markets and increase the added value.

Priority axis 1

Investment Priority 1b
SO 3: Increasing the level of internationalization of enterprises, especially SMEs in the programme area

Project duration

1 July 2016 – 31 December 2018

Contracted ERDF

723.141,75 EUR

Project Partners

Innovation Region Styria GmbH (Lead Partner)

Štajerska gospodarska zbornica

Evropski kulturni in tehnološki center Maribor, socialno podjetje

Ljudska univerza Murska Sobota, Zavod za permanentno izobraževanje

Business Frauen Center Klagenfurt

Energie Center Lipizzanerheimat GmbH

Technologiezentrum Deutschlandsberg GmbH

Freiraum GmbH & Co KG