Natur-Geologie Spielraum Petzen / Naravni-geološki igralni prostor Peca

The area around the Petzen mountain has a sensitive and interesting geodiversitiy in the middle of the Geopark Karawanken. Sensitive natural areas, environmental topics and climatic changes are difficult to transport to all relevant classes of population in the sense of a broad sensitization in everyday life.The trend of digital media entertainment is becoming more influential,which leads to a smaller degree of movement,concerning children and adolescents.The aim of the project is to make a contribution to the improvement of the aspects mentioned before, to create a broad public awareness in the cross-border adventure area of ​​the Petzen mountain.In a playful, attractive way, the varied geodiversity and its interrelations with global topics are conveyed.The main aim of the project is to strengthen the sensitization of natural conditions (regionally and globally) through a combination of attractive “offers in movement” and ​​”nature and geo experience”, thus also facilitating the access of a broad public to these issues.A network of adventure offers, in which one can experience geodiversity and the environment in a playful way and move freely and playfully in this nature, should bring out as a main output the importance of this sensitive border crossing natural space.Sensitive areas (Natura2000 sites) are excluded from use, but the content of these sites will be communicated in the vicinity at suitable places.Geodiversity, as well as the need for recreational activities in nature do not end at national borders.The results should be made available to the public.The goal is not to protect the area via sub-shelters, but through a spatially targeted use and an intensive awareness formation through a nature geogame. The entire network of excursion destinations is to be integrated into the management structure, administration of geodiversity as well as conservation technology within the framework of the bilateral Geopark.

Priority axis 2

Investment Priority 6c
SO 1: Achieving sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage

Project duration

1 March 2018 – 28 February 2021

Contracted ERDF

1.966.798,63 EUR

Project Partners

F.S. Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH (Lead Partner)

Naturfreunde Österreich Ortsgruppe Petzen

Obir Tropfsteinhöhlen GesmbH

Gemeinde Globasnitz

Občina Črna na Koroškem

Občina Prevalje

Podzemlje Pece, podjetje za razvoj turistične in muzejske dejavnosti, d.o.o.