Learn to Perform in work life 2020+

The youth is the future, but it is our duty of today to offer them the best prospects. Hereby qualification plays an essential role and exactly this issue the L2P-2020PLUS project is dedicated to. The objective is to improve institutional cooperation in order to create future career prospects for young people in the industrial area close to the border. To do so, a common understanding of the situation of youth on the cross-border labor market is needed, which is made possible by the study “Youth on the cross-border job market”. This study will identify concrete challenges that can be efficiently answered by an interregional educational scheme that may be offered bilaterally on both sides of the border and is developed with the help of local businesses.

The education will be offered by the project partners BORG in Austria for Slovene and Austrian students for 2 years and a transfer to Slovenia is intensively prepared in a train-the- trainer format. Such an education is not only beneficial for the participating students, but also for the companies involved , which can counteract a shortage of skilled workers through their participation. Furthermore, an education that may lead to an enrollment in a local company is an effective solution to youth migration from rural areas. The 5 partners follow an innovative approach in the project implementation: In the frame of the L2P-2020PLUS project, the cross-border aspect that requires the cooperation of partners from both countries, means on the one hand a new view of the labor market in the programme area, since the partners start from the premise of a common cross-border labor market. On the other hand, it leads to the development of a new way of education: the one of a common interregional educational scheme.

Priority axis 3

Investment Priority 11b
SO 1: Improving cooperation in the fields of risk management, energy, health and social cohesion

Project duration

1 September 2016 – 31 August 2019

Contracted ERDF

668.338,96 EUR

Project Partners

Stadtgemeinde Bad Radkersburg (Lead Partner)

Bundes-Oberstufenrealgymnasium Bad Radkerburg

Gimnazija Murska Sobota

Inštitut za ekonomska raziskovanja

Bad Radkersburg Beteiligungs gesellschaft m.b.H.