Socialno vključevanje preko prostovoljstva in novih oblik zaposlovanja za osebe, ki jih ogrožata nezaposlenost in socialna izključenost / Soziale Integration arbeitsmarktferner und ausgrenzungsgefährdeter Menschen durch ehrenamtliches Engagement und neue Formen der Beschäftigung

The effects of globalization as well as the increasing automation and digitalization lead to strong changes in the work environment which imposes ever higher requirements on employees. Particularly endangered by these developments are people who, due to their lack of qualifications, their age, physical and psychological limitations, as well as various individual problems such as addictive disorders, have no longer access to classical work and subsidized employment measures and are thus often no longer involved in society and social life.
Through the establishment of a network of the Caritas associations as well as the cooperation with other regional actors and public institutions, this cross-border challenge will be met jointly. In the implementation of the project, a cooperative and holistic approach is selected with the involvement and consolidation of the relevant actors in the region. The focus is on the involvement of the affected target group itself.
As part of the activities in the project, experiences and knowledge are exchanged and new innovative approaches to the social integration of “people at risk of exclusion” are developed and thus contribute to the social cohesion in the region. A sustainable improvement of institutional cooperation as well as long-term cooperation should be achieved.
In addition, concrete measures are being implemented in each partner region, which will bring the concerned target group back into a low-threshold form of occupation through accompanying volunteering. This is intended to enable participating attendees to participate in and contribute to social life, receiving new day-to-day structure, acquiring competences and the strengthen their self-esteem.

Priority axis 3

Investment Priority 11b
SO 1: Improving cooperation in the fields of risk management, energy, health and social cohesion

Project duration

1 September 2018 – 31 August 2021

Contracted ERDF

642.767,78 EUR

Project Partners

Kärntner Caritasverband für Wohlfahrtspflege und Fürsorge (Lead Partner)

Slovenska karitas

Škofijska Karitas Celje

Nadškofijska karitas Maribor

Caritas der Diözese Graz-Seckau