Internationalisierung in den Mittelmeerraum / Internacionacilizacija v Sredozemlje

In contrary to large companies, SMEs lack not only financial and human resources for internationalization, but also high-quality information about high-potential markets for their products or services as well as networks that offer support. These challenges are common to Austrian and Slovenian SMEs in the program area. Our analyzes have shown that Mediterranean countries offer growing opportunities for SMEs from the SI-AT program region (economic growth). Austria and Slovenia are among the strong innovators in Europe, while most MED countries belong to the group of moderate (ES, IT, GR, HR, CY, FR) or modest innovators (MT, AL). This makes the products / services of the program region attractive for these markets. However, many SMEs are reluctant to internationalise into the MED area (cultural barriers, lack of knowledge, networks, …). Go MED wants to fill this gap and unlock this large and economically strong region for SMEs in the SI-AT program area. The Go MED partners pool experience, know-how, contacts and implementation resources in order to establish a sustainable cooperation network with the target region (letters of support are provided) and make it available to the SMEs in the program area. The Go MED team will organize joint cross-border activities (delegations, B2B matching, …) to present the program region and SMEs in the MED countries. New and innovative is that Go MED will capitalise cross-border resources from (past and ongoing SI-AT internationalisation projects) in the program region and jointly develop them further for internationalization projects in the Mediterranean region (training, consulting and coaching services). The project promotes SME internationalization in a growing, economically strong and promising market, strengthens companies, competitiveness as well as the economic performance of the program region.

Priority axis 1

Investment Priority 1b
SO 3: Increasing the level of internationalization of enterprises, especially SMEs in the programme area

Project duration

1 April 2020 – 31 December 2022

Contracted ERDF

483.722,50 EUR

Project Partners

Gospodarska zbornica Slovenije (Lead Partner)

Wirtschaftskammer Kärnten

ICS InternationalisierungsCenter Steiermark GmbH

Lotrič Meroslovje d.o.o.

Ortner Lüftungs- und Klimaanlagen GmbH