Ustanovitev novega čezmejnega LivingLab centra za raziskave in simulacije požarnega odziva kompozitnih materialov med in po požaru / Errichtung eines neuen grenzübergreifenden LivingLabs für die Untersuchung und Simulation des Brandverhaltens von Kompositmaterialien während und nach dem Brand

The main goal of the project is building an expert and innovation center for civil engineering industry and for industry of building materials which will operate in the field of fire safety according to ‘Living Laboratory’ principles (LivingLab, LL). The main output of the project is a written document, which describes organization of the center and its activities. The center will offer advanced experimental (fire tests) and numerical investigations (simulations) for the adaption and optimization of fire behaviour of products during the phase of their design and development. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the investment in their own equipment and personnel for such research is generally too high. Thus, a danger exists that that their innovative ideas could not be realized within the framework of the EU fire performance regulations. In addition to offering advanced research support to companies in the process of development of new products, the use of advanced engineering methods for assessment of fire evolution and fire spread will be also offered. In this way the center will also meet the needs of target groups in the field of fire fighting, insurance, etc.

With the establishment of the new LL center, the project FIREEXPERT contributes to the overall challenge of the program area, where strengthening in the areas of research, technological development, competitiveness and innovation should be achieved through cross-border synergic cooperation of relevant development actors (companies, research centers and universities …). The center will consist of partners who already have experience in the relevant fields. Since partners on both sides of the border complement each other, which represents significant added value, the goals can not be achieved without a cross-border cooperation.

Priority axis 1

Investment Priority 1b
SO 1: Strengthening R&I in technological and economic fields of strength through CB cooperation of relevant stakeholders

Project duration

1 May 2018 – 31 October 2020

Contracted ERDF

499.894,01 EUR

Project Partners

Fachhochschule Kärnten – gemeinnützige Privatstiftung (Lead Partner)

IBA – Ingenieurbüro Anderwald / Sachverständigenbüro Anderwald

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