Zukunft Europa – Identität, Internationalisierung und Institutionalisierung – Geopark Karawanken / Prihodnost Evropa – Identiteta, internacionalizacija in institucionalizacija – Geopark Karavanke

The UNESCO global Geopark Karavanke (hereinafter GP) exists since March 2013, and is made up of 14 communities on both sides of the border that are merged into a joint venture. Shortly after the formation of the GP, the bilateral cooperation in the form of an ARGE (society) developed to be a major operational challenge, although of detailed imposed Statute due to different legal and financial engineering of national frameworks.

The main objectives:
1) Submission of an EGTC Geopark with the integration of the objectives of the complying specialist institutions,
2.) Strengthening the bilateral identity
3.) Strengthening the international importance of Geoparks

Main Outputs:
1.) EGTC Regulations (communities, specialized institutions)
2.) Request for proposals a EGTC (communities, specialized institutions)
3.) Publicity actions for an active integration of the population (population, schools)
4.) Draft Alpe – Adria – Geopark platform (Geopark with all partners)
5.) Enforced UNESCO Conference (Geopark partners and population)

1) a moderated process to legally and financial challenges
2.) issue-specific activities with public activity

The Geopark is pursuing its development exclusively across borders.

New / innovative:

  • First congregation cooperation between Austria and Slovenia which wants to establish itself as an EGTCThe Geopark would be the first borderland communities make by the existing voluntary cooperation for compulsory program
  • Through public effective events and creative participation of the area a new form or the first bilateral form of citizen participation is going to be created
  • The Geopark will position these former border region internationally through the active use of the possibilities in the UNESCO network

Priority axis 3

Investment Priority 11b
SO 2: Improving interactions among municipalities and citizens within the CB region

Project duration

1 July 2016 – 30 June 2019

Contracted ERDF

614.963,62 EUR

Project Partners

ARGE Geopark Karawanken (Lead Partner)

RRA Koroška, regionalna razvojna agencija za Koroško d.o.o.

Zavod Republike Slovenije za varstvo narave

Društvo Kulturni dom Pliberk/Bleiburg