Kočijaške poti za e-kočije: spodbujanje naravi prijaznega čezmejnega trajnostnega turizma s pomočjo inovativnih turističnih produktov / Kutschenwege für E-Kutschen: Förderung eines naturfreundlichen grenzüberschreitenden nachhaltigen Tourismus mit Hilfe von innovativen touristischen Produkten

Slovenia and Austria have shared a common history, tradition and customs for centuries. One such tradition are horses, horseback riding and coachmanship, which has been, at least in Slovenia, put on the back burner for the last several years. To successfully revitalise the coachmanaship tradition and form new tourism products, the cross-border cooperation is of vital importance. Common resources and competences of involved project partners will enable the implementation on a regional as well international level. Tourism trends are shifting towards personalized sustainable products and unique experiences, thus the project involves the creation of an overall tourism product based on cultural heritage and has great value for both regions. The project will incorporate Slovenian and Austrian touristic features such as tradition, natural and cultural heritage (Natura 2000 and castles), and will present them in a new and creative way. The development of an inovative horse carriage as well as the creation of a new tourism offer, represent the heart of this project. The carriage with a built-in electrical engine and an energy storage device will lessen the horse’s burden while towing, thus enabling the creation of more versatile tourism tours of longer duration and will be intened for bigger groups. New tourism products will be adaptable to all seasons and will cater to diffrenet group sizes, thus tourists will be able to choose between different conceptual paths with various stories and experiences. During the project, all paths and carriages will be tested in order to offer a top-level tourism product, which will increase the attractiveness of the cross-border area and the number of overnight stays.

Priority axis 2

Investment Priority 6c
SO 1: Achieving sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage

Project duration

1 September 2018 – 28 February 2021

Contracted ERDF

982.812,26 EUR

Project Partners

Raziskovalno izobraževalno središče Dvorec Rakičan (Lead Partner)

Univerza v Mariboru

Tourismusverband Region Güssing

Europäisches Zentrum für erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH

EC Energie Center Lipizzanerheimat GmbH