Due to the small size of the domestic market, enterprises are limited in the long run by the necessary resources and the desired revenues, and are forced to enter foreign markets sooner or later, for which they lack the knowledge, since (1) business on the international level is different as domestic and (2) process of Internationalisation of SME’s runs differently than at large companies. The joint challenge of the project is thus aimed at introducing new digital solutions for the needs of starting internationalization of SMEs through the network of established Digital Innovation Centres with pilot testing in the Polish market (signed letters of support). The overall goal of the project is to increase the number of internationalized SMEs in the cross-border area, focusing on companies that offer products and services in the Industry 4.0 or digitization process, which has specific requirements for entering the foreign market. MAIN OUTPUTS of the project are linked to testing of digital tools – 1 online web interactive map, 1 platform for knowledge and information exchange; identification of good practices and digital tools in 7 thematic areas with e-learning materials, implementation of thematic workshops, scouting of companies and involvement of at least 5 SMEs in the phase of testing internationalization activities on the Polish market. In Poland will be carried out: market research, product innovation, business modelling and organization of international meetings. PROJECT INNOVATION is reflected in the model of internationalization, which will include Digital Innovation Networks in the support network with a support program for digital tools, which will enable access to the right information, suitable partners, business process optimization solutions, shortening the learning curve and, in particular, reducing the risk of business in Poland.

Priority axis 1

Investment Priority 1b
SO 3: Increasing the level of internationalization of enterprises, especially SMEs in the programme area

Project duration

1 January 2020 – 31 December 2022

Contracted ERDF

499.844,88 EUR

Project Partners


CAMPUS 02 Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft GmbH

Fachhochschule Kärnten, gemeinnützige Privatstiftung

ROBOTEH, avtomatizacija in robotizacija d.o.o.