Krepitev čezmejnega sodelovanja in zagotovitev trajnosti pri ukrepih ob naravnih nesrečah in tveganjih / Ausbau der grenzübergreifenden Zusammenarbeit und Sicherstellung der Nachhaltigkeit der Maßnahmen bei Naturkatastrophen und anderen Risiken

The content of the project focuses on the cross-border cooperation between firefighters, civil defense the Red Cross and other stakeholders at this level.

The focus of the project is the planning and implementation of joint actions (fire drills, water rescue, etc.) in order to then be able to work better in an emergency. As a support to better collaboration, language courses for members of the units of the fire brigade, civil defense, the Red Cross, etc. would be offered. To improve the implementation of joint activities the necessary equipment would be purchased. In the past, excessive bureaucratic procedures stood in the way at joint rescue actions and made the cooperation rather impossible, therefore we will create a foundation (bilateral agreement or change in regulations) that facilitates the cooperation in the future. Under the project, the instructors will improve and deepen their knowledge in the field of rescue operations in certain situations in order to then in the next phase transmit their knowledege to other members of the relevant associations in the border region.

For the implementation of networking activities and the cross-border training (fire brigade, civil defense, Red Cross, etc.) one lecture hall at the fire station in Gornja Radgona, which is established as a teaching and rescue center, will be renovated and furnished. In this context the roof, which now in bad condition also will be replaced.

In order to pass on the “good practices” of our previous cooperation, we will make an analysis as a guide for other interested communities. In this guide, we will lean on our joint activities in the case of social (refugee crisis) and natural risks. The analysis will be supported by a conference about good practices along the SLO-AUT border where already many municipalities are in the process of communication and collaboration on many fields of mutual interest. 

Priority axis 3

Investment Priority 11b
SO 1: Improving cooperation in the fields of risk management, energy, health and social cohesion

Project duration

1 May 2019 – 30 April 2021

Contracted ERDF

263.817,47 EUR

Project Partners

PORA, razvojna agencija Gornja Radgona (Lead Partner)

Stadtgemeinde Bad Radkersburg

Prostovoljno gasilsko društvo Gornja Radgona