Balance for Nature and People

A substantial rise in global temperature is expected to take place over the course of the 21st century, and with it, dramatic changes to biodiversity within the programme region that will seriously affect both the natural and the cultural landscape. The latter provides an important basis for the region’s farmers, society and tourism.

The main focus of the project is the common goal of maintaining biodiversity in the project and the creation of a handbook & action plan on the topic. The handbook will feature the illustration and evaluation of the concrete measures, adapted within the pilot actions. The conclusions for the preservation of biodiversity in the programme region will be the following:

  • The planned educational content for children and adolescents as well as the andragogy will have a positive impact on a cross-border knowledge transfer on biodiversity and the conservation of natural as well as cultural heritage.
  • Through the project, and especially because of the pilot actions, the regional economic cycles will be reinforced. This will have a positive effect on different stakeholders, above all on stakeholders from tourism.
  • The evaluation of the pilot actions within the programme region leads to an exemplary presentation of solutions for careful land use, which may be used as guidlines for other regions. 

All project partners have chosen to focus on the utilization of grassland as they all share expertise on the management and preservation of such cultural landscapes so important for maintaining biodiversity.

Priority axis 2

Investment Priority 6c
SO 1: Achieving sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage

Project duration

1 August 2019 – 31 July 2022

Contracted ERDF

572.143,55 EUR

Project Partners

Kärntner Biosphärenparkfonds Nockberge (Lead Partner)

Regionalmanagement Burgenland

Zavod Republike Slovenije za varstvo narave, OE Maribor

Naturschutzbund Österreich, Landesgruppe Steiermark

Občina Črna na Koroškem