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3 gradovi 2 deželi 1 zgodba – Razvoj kulturnega turizma v čezmejnem podeželskem prostoru / 3 Schlösser 2 Länder 1 Geschichte – Kulturtourismusentwicklung im grenzüberschreitenden ländlichen Raum

The project area is a provincial border region of South Burgenland (Austria) and Pomurje (Slovenia), characterized by sustainable tourism. Both regions are part of a cross border nature preserve area and belong to the Goričko-Raab-Őrség, 3-eu Park.
Due to a weak inclusion of cultural heritage in touristic offers in this region as well as faint familiarity of potential partners on both sides of the border, the long common history has not been highlighted for touristic purposes in the past.
The overall objective of the project is to create a sustainable cultural-touristic destination, based on developing the message of cultural heritage and introducing the cultural-touristic products. These products, shaped together by experts from touristic enterprises, will contribute to an improved offer in the weakly visited periods of low-peak seasons. They will attract new target visitor groups and assist in lengthening their stay in the region.
All the above will be achieved through these efforts :
historical exhibitions in all 3 castles, connective historical family tour, establishing of joint traditional trade markets, handicraft workshops and arrangements with artists/arts of the region, including photographic competition and film workshop.
The upgrades to infrastructure in project locations like castle Grad and castle Murska Sobota are essential components needed to guarantee the joint touristic products.
3 castles, 2 countries, 1 history is a symbol, showing how to deliver a successful project realization. Once connected, it is possible with joint efforts to make the region competitive as a cultural-touristic destination .
Main target groups are visitors of all ages, interested in culture, tradition and history, constantly linked with experiencing the unspoiled natural environment.

Priority axis 2

Investment Priority 6c
SO 1: Achieving sustainable development of natural and cultural heritage

Project duration

1 June 2016 – 31 May 2019

Contracted ERDF

752.032,17 EUR

Project Partners

jOPERA jennersdorf festivalsommer (Lead Partner)

Javni zavod Krajinski park Goričko

Pomurski muzej Murska Sobota