Industrial festivals ahead!

The YOUIND project is pleased to announce that there will be special events taking place in August, September and November 2021, all targeting younger individuals with the aim of improving their involvement in the regional present and future.

Styrian Iron Road, Austria, is hosting their Days of Industrial Culture – a three-day event spread over August, September and November, in which the theme “Industrial and Mining Culture” will be processed under different aspects: a post-industrial festival “Rostfest”, a classic “Mining and Industrial Museum Day”, and a workshops-and-lectures event on “Women in Industry”. The town of Idrija, Slovenia, is organising the first (of many?) festival focusing on industrial culture, a two-day event where the industrial past will serve as a background for workshops, guided tours, discussions, concerts and other events.

Let’s pay tribute to our industrial past and pave the path for a better (post)industrial future.

For more information pleas visit the website of the Verein Steirische Eisenstraße or Municipality Idrija