One more week to go until the end of the public consultation – submit your opinion!

In the beginning of June, we reached another milestone in the process of preparing the Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria for the period 2021-2027. We have prepared the draft programme, which was published on the website.

Based on the Territorial and Socio-Economic Analysis and preliminary Strategic Orientations, the draft Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria 2021-2027 has been prepared within the programming group.

The selection of the programme policy objectives and related specific objectives was an important strategic step, which relies on the input of key stakeholders – (potential) beneficiaries, policy makers, thematic experts, etc. Since november 2020, a series of activities was carried out in order to collect comments, opinions, suggestions or insights on the findings in the so-far prepared documents. An online survey, two webinars, expert consultations on relevant policy objectives and specific objectives, two workshops on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) were conducted in parallel with the programme preparation process itself. The aim of the first round of public participation was to consult stakeholders on thematic orientations. Contributions from all three sets of public involvement (online survey, two national webinars and six expert consultations) are important feedback, which was reflected in the preparation of the Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria. Based on the useful contributions of stakeholders, the provisions of the relevant European legal framework, which stipulates that Policy Objective 2 and Policy Objective 4 are mandatory, and taking into account the slightly lower value of the programme compared to the current period, three priorities with six specific objectives were set.

We once again invite all interested stakeholders and citizens who would like to express their opinion on the draft Interreg programme for the period 2021-2027 to do so via the online form that is available one more week (until 30 June 2021) at this link ON-LINE FORM

Please help us to disseminate the information about the public consultation on the content of the Interreg programme by sharing it with all potentially interested parties.

More information on the public consultation is available at: PREPARATIONS FOR THE FUTURE IP SI-AT 2021-2027 PROGRAM ARE IN PROGRESS.

Participate in shaping the future programme!