First round of public involvement concluded: a step closer to the new Interreg Programme

The programming process for the future Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria 2021-2027 is well underway and builds on the experiences from current as well as past programming periods. The EU regulatory framework and in particular the proposals of European Regulations applicable for Interreg programmes are being observed in all programming steps. The EU funding to be allocated to the future Interreg programme is not known yet.

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In August 2020, the Territorial and Socio-Economic Analysis has been prepared. In addition, preliminary Strategic Orientations were prepared. This document represented a discussion paper on considerations for the selection or non-selection of Specific Objectives for the future Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria 2021-2027. The selection of the programme policy objectives and related specific objectives was an important strategic step, which relied on the input of key stakeholders – potential beneficiaries, policy makers, thematic experts, etc. A series of activities was implemented from November 2020 onwards to collect comments, opinions, suggestions and insights on the findings for the so-far prepared documents: an online survey and two webinars, expert meetings on the policy and specific objectives, a workshop on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) which is conducted in parallel to the programming process. 

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The opinion of stakeholders provided an important input to the design of the future programme. Therefore, the aim of the first round of public involvement was to consult on the thematic orientations with the interested stakeholders. 

We are grateful for all the comments that were provided by more than 500 individuals. The input from all three steps of public involvement (the online survey, the two national webinars and six expert meetings) provided important feedback, that will be reflected in the next steps of the drafting of the Interreg Programme Slovenia-Austria.

Timeline and statistic overview of the public consultations

Preliminary findings on the questionnaire for public consultations

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