The Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has published a public tender for the selection of an external expert for providing professional assistance in the preparation and production of the programme document of the cross-border Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria in the period 2021-2027.

The main objective of this procurement procedure is to obtain an external service provider for the preparation of the Interreg programme Slovenia-Austria 2021-2027 on the basis of a comprehensive territorial and socio-economic analysis of the Slovenia-Austria programme area and an analitically substantiated programme strategy and to provide expert assistance to the Programming Task Force in the programming process until the submission and approval of the programme concerned by the European Commission.

The public tender in Slovenian language is published on the Slovenian Public Procurement Portal at the following link:

The tender documentation (original in Slovene language and the translation in German language) are available at: tender documentation.

In case of discrepancies between the Slovenian and German texts of the tender documentation, the original documentation in Slovenian language is binding.

The deadline for the submission of offers is 13 January 2020 at 9 am.

Further 6 projects approved in Podčetrtek

In the frame of the 8th Monitoring Committee meeting of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria, held on 27 November 2019 in Podčetrtek in the Savinjska region (Slovenia), the members of the Monitoring Committee amongst other things decided on the projects that were submitted within the fifth deadline for the submission of applications. Within this deadline of the Open Call for Proposals, 12 project applications were submitted. At the meeting, 6 projects were approved for the co-financing, 4 projects were rejected. The projects with the acronyms H2GreenTECH, Go MED, COMMON ACCESS 2 and ASAM were approved in the frame of the first priority axis, and the projects with the acronyms BioDiTOUR and YOUIND were approved on the second and third priority axes. In total, a little more than 2,7 Mio EUR ERDF programme funds will be contracted within the fifth deadline of the Open Call for Proposals. In doing so, the Committee supports the cooperation of project partners from Slovenia and Austria in the fields of research and development, biodiversity and institutional integration, in order to making the common response to the challenges in the cross-border area more effective and to contribute to the diminishing of borders.

The lead partners of the approved projects are expected to sign the ERDF Subsidy contracts by early 2020. At the meeting, also the results of the evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the programme were presented.