A bit less than 1.5 Mio EUR ERDF still available

Today, on Monday, 3 June 2019, the workshop for potential applicants in the frame of the fifth deadline of the Open Call took place in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.

In the frame of the workshop, the Joint Secretariat briefly presented the participants the Cooperation Programme, information concerning the Open Call and the analysis of the past four deadlines and summarized the most common administrative mistakes, presented the Rules on the eligibility of expenditure, the requirements concerning information and communication, the annexes to the application form and the electronic Monitoring System (eMS), in which applicants will submit their project applications.

In the frame of the Open Call, a bit less than 1.5 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund are still available for projects. The fifth deadline for the submission of projects will close on 4 July 2019 at noon.

For more information on the workshop for applicants, click here.