Joint cross-border activities for post-clinical rehabilitation of stroke patients in rural areas in 2030

Today, on 19 February 2019, the signing of a Subsidy contract from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the cross-border rehabilitation project REHA 2030 took place in the premises of the Goverment Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (GODC) in Maribor.

Within the framework of the cooperation programme between Slovenia and Austria, a total of 41 projects were approved within three deadlines. In the third deadline, 18 projects were approved in the total amount of 18.5 million EUR ERDF. The last Subsidy contract for a project, which was approved within this deadline, was signed today in the premises of the GODC in Maribor.

The main challenge in the programme area is demographic change, which results in a lack of opportunities for post-clinical rehabilitation for stroke patients on the Slovenian and Austrian side of the border, especially in rural areas. The main achievement of the REHA 2030 project will be a model of services, suitable for stroke patients in the aftermath of post-clinical rehabilitation at home and the development of the a necessary technology platform (REHA robot, internet platform). Particular attention will be paid to the sustainability aspect: project structures will be developed for the expansion of the project, among which REHA International Alliance will be established, in the frame of which the cooperation will continue also after the completion of the project. The EU funds thus enable the activities of post-clinical rehabilitation of stroke patients to be implemented simultaneously and in a coordinated manner in the rural part of the border area, which contributes to the development of common and lasting results and enables the concentration of knowledge among Slovene and Austrian partners.

Fachhochschule Kärnten – gemeinnützige Privatstiftung cooperates with the partners Fakultät für Elektrotechnik der Universität Ljubljana, Tyromotion GmbH, MKS Elektronski sistemi d.o.o. and Univerzitetni rehabilitacijski inštitut Republike Slovenije – Soča. The possibility of cooperating with similar institutions on the other side of the border enables the creation of permanent cooperation networks.

The Subsidy contract worth a bit more than EUR 660 thousand EUR ERDF was signed by the representative of the Lead Partner, dr. Christina Paril, and Dimitrij Pur, Head of the Managing Authority. Representatives of the cooperation programme were also present.

In the frame oft he programme, 95% of all available funds are contracted, which makes it one of the more successful at EU level. Information on the approved projects is available on the following link. Pictures from the event are available in the photo gallery.