Subsidy contract for the project E-Carriage 4CBST signed in Rakičan mansion

Yesterday, on 7 June 2018, the signing of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Subsidy contract for the cross-border project E-Carriage 4CBST took place.

In the frame of the cooperation programme between Slovenia and Austria, 41 projects were approved in the frame of 3 deadlines. In the third deadline of the open call, 18 projects in the amount of approx. 18.5 million EUR ERDF were approved. In the frame of the signing ceremony, which took place in April, Subsidy contracts were signed for 15 of those projects. On June 7, the opportunity for the representatives of the programme appeared to visit the Lead Partner of the project, which was confirmed within this third deadline of the open call, and to sign another Subsidy contract, namely for the project E-Carriage 4CBST, as part of this visit.

For the implementation of the project, the Rakičan mansion cooperates with the University of Maribor and three Austrian partners: Tourismusverband Region Güssing, Europäisches Zentrum für erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH and EC Energie Center Lipizzanerheimat GmbH. One of the most outstanding traditions shared by Slovenia and Austria are horses, horseback riding and coachmanship. According to the partnership, cross-border cooperation is vital in order to successfully revitalise the coachmanaship tradition and form new tourism products. Common resources and competences of involved project partners will enable the implementation on a regional as well international level. The development of an innovative horse carriage as well as the creation of a new tourism offer, represent the heart of this project. The carriage with a built-in electrical engine and an energy storage device will lessen the horses’ burden while towing, thus enabling the creation of more versatile tourism tours of longer duration and will be intended for bigger groups. New tourism products will be adaptable to all seasons and will cater to different group sizes, thus tourists will be able to choose between different conceptual paths with various stories and experiences.

The Subsidy contract worth almost 1 million EUR ERDF was signed by dr. Robert Celec, Director of RIS mansion Rakičan and mag. Nina Seljak, Head of the Managing Authority. Representatives of the cooperation programme and other representatives of the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy were also present.

Information on the approved projects is available under the following link. Pictures of the event are uploaded in the Photo gallery.