The report on the evaluation of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria

According to the evaluation plan for 2014-2020, the Managing Authority and the Joint Secretariat have commissioned the evaluation of the cross-border cooperation Programme Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria, which was carried out by Novna razvoj d.o.o. The independent external evaluators evaluated the efficiency and effectiveness of the support provided by the programme authorities to applicants and lead/project partners, the usage of the electronic monitoring system (eMS), the process of selecting projects, the implementation of the national first level controls, communication with beneficiaries and the practicability of the program documents and manuals.

The evaluation shows that the Lead partners consider the work of the Managing Authority, the Joint Secretariat and the National /Regional Authorities mostly as good and very good. In general, they also have a positive experience with the program implementation procedures, usage of the eMS and recognize the benefits of the Open call, which is open from its publication until the funds are available. The Programme bodies emphasize, in particular, the need for more intense cooperation, which strengthens mutual understanding and leads to common solutions.

The evaluation also includes recommendations for the work of the programme authorities and the implementation of procedures, which can be seen as concrete directions for the implementation of the current 2014-2020 period and the period after that. The majority of the recommendations are related to the intensification of the cooperation between the National and Regional Bodies and the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat, the transfer of experiences and the recommendations of the Joint Secretariat based on the presentation of practical examples, upgrades of the eMS, considering the practical needs of users and the wish of the project partners concerning more flexible reporting to the national control units.

Evaluation report (pdf)