Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013

Objective 3 – European Territorial Cooperation in the field of cross-border cooperation initiates operational programmes, which are implemented at the internal borders of the European Union. The Operational Programme Cross-border Cooperation Slovenia-Austria (OP) is the document which implements the Programme strategy in response to the analysis of the situation of the programme area, in terms of its strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. The document will be of value to all those involved in the Programme implementation and to project applicants participating in the Programme. It contains the information on the priority axes and their specific objectives, which are quantified by a limited number of indicators of outputs and results that enable measurement of the progress in relation to the baseline situation and the effectiveness of the objectives for priorities implementation. The programme will be administered jointly by Slovenia and Austria.
The orientation and the structure of the operational programme are in line with the legal basis (guidelines, regulations, working papers) and the objectives of the European Union, particularly with the principles of the Lisbon and Göthenburg process.

OP SI-AT 2007-2013 (1.4M)