Programme Area


The core programme area includes the eligible NUTS III regions:

Slovene regions: Gorenjska, Koroška, Savinjska, Podravska, Pomurska in Osrednjeslovenska
Austrian regions: Oststeiermark, West- and Südsteiermark, Graz, Obersteiermark-Ost, Obersteiermark-West, Klagenfurt – Villach, Unterkärnten, Oberkärnten and Südburgenland.

The NUTS III areas Graz, Obersteiermark-Ost, Obersteiermark-West and Oberkärnten in Austria and Osrednjeslovenska in Slovenia are included in the programme on the basis of Art 21 (1) of the Regulation No 1080/2006 on the European Regional Development Fund, whereby expenditure incurred by implementing operations or parts of operations in the adjacent NUTS III areas may be financed from the ERDF up to a limit of 20% of the amount of its contribution to the operational programme.