2nd Open Call for Proposals

2nd Open Call for Proposals in the frame of the Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013 was published on 23 October 2009. This Call for Proposals is issued by the Managing Authority, i.e. the Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Local Self-Government and Regional Policy, represented by the Unit for Managing of Cross-border Programmes Maribor and is applicable for eligible applicants from Slovenia and Austria. The subject of this Call for Proposals is co-financing of operations from the European Regional Development Fund. Under this Call for Proposals, the amount of 32.666.687,19 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund will be available for co-financing of the operations.

When preparing applications please note that the forms, published for the 2nd Open Call, are used.

1st Open Call is closed by publishing of the 2nd Call.

Subsidy contract (351k)

Partnership Contract (176.5k)

Annex 6 – Project Summary (83k)

Annex 5 – Co-financing statement (83k)

Annex 4 – Partnership Statement (98.5k)

Annex 3 – Lead Partner statement (96k)

Annex 2- Indicators (151.5k)

Annex 1 – Budget (665k)

Application form (340k)

Guide for Applicants (876k)

2nd Open Call for Proposals (216.4k)

The Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013 (982.6k)