Visit of the Minister of Development, Strategic Projects and Cohesion, Alenka Smerkolj in Mežica

Today, on 25 March 2015, the Minister responsible for Development, Strategic projects and Cohesion, Alenka Smerkolj, visited the Meža valley (Mežiška dolina) and had a look at the results of two projects that have been co-financed in the frame of the cross-border cooperation programme between the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Austria. The minister, among other things, stressed that the entrustment of the role of the Managing Authority, which will be in the period 2014-2020 for three cross-border cooperation programmes with the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (GODC), represents the recognition of the past work and also means that the Government Office and its employees have the responsibility for the successful implementation of the programmes in the period 2014-2020. In the frame of the event, the results of the project GEOPARK and of the project ADVENTURE PETZEN/PECA were presented. Suzana Fajmut Štrucl, director of Podzemlje Pece d.o.o. and representative of the Lead Partner of the project GEOPARK and of a project partner in the frame of the project ADVENTURE PETZEN/PECA, said that both projects successfully completed the implementation of project activities and by using the approach of cross-border cooperation not only opened the borders for the project partners but also beyond the frame of the projects. The event was also attended by mayors of some municipalities that participate as partners in cross-border projects; Franc Jožef Smrtnik (municipality Železna Kapla/Eisenkappel), Gerhard Visočnik (municipality Suha/Neuhaus), Bernhard Sadovnik (municipality Globasnica/Globasnitz) and Dušan Krebel (municipality Mežica). More information about the event is available on the website of the GODC.