The team “OP-SA-SA” attended the team Olympiad of the project Team Olympiad

On Saturday, 20 September 2014, the representatives of the Managing Authority and the Joint Technical Secretariat together with the programme partners – a representative of the Carinthian Government and a representative of the Certifying Authority, took part in the team olympiad, which was in the frame of the project Team Olympiad organized by the Sports Association Slovenj Gradec together with the contractor Sport Club Sele-Vrhe in Slovenj Gradec. The participants of the team Olympiad were in the frame of short introductory speeches welcomed by the Vice-President of the Olympic Committee of Slovenia, the programme manager of the OP SI-AT 2007-2013 and the President of the Sports Association Slovenj Gradec. The representatives of the OP SI-AT 2007-2013 participated in the team Olympiad with the team »OP-SA-SA«. The team Olympiad, which consisted of 5 disciplines, is one in a series of events aimed at connecting recreational athletes and the interested public and strengthening the Olympic spirit in the cross-border programme area. After the competition, we attended the announcements of the results at the square Trg svobode in Slovenj Gradec, where the event was included in the set of activities of the municipal holiday. A contribution about the events of the project Team Olympiad will be presented in the show “Migaj raje z nami” on 31 October 2014 at 6.50 pm on RTV Slovenija 2. More information about the project Team Olympiad and further recreational events are available on: the Homepage of the OKS A contribution about the event was shown in the sport news on RTV SLO on 22 September 2014. The contribution is available at RTV SLO (from 5.20 minute onwards). Pictures of the event are uploaded in the Photo gallery.