On the spot visits of projects in the frame of the European Cooperation Day 2014

For the third time in a row, the European Cooperation Day is being celebrated for all cross-border and territorial cooperation programmes across Europe. It is the purpose of the events and activities in the frame of the European Cooperation Day 2014, which are joined under the slogan Sharing borders, growing closer,to present the programmes and projects of cross-border and territorial cooperation to the public. In Slovenia, the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy (GOSP), as the Managing Authority for the Operational programme of cross-border cooperation between Slovenia and Austria in the programme period 2007–2013, organised on 16 and 17 September 2014 on the spot visits of projects which are being implemented in the programme area of the partner countries. During the first day (16 September 2014), the group of participants went on a bus tour to four projects, which are being implemented in the frame of the programme in the northeaster part of the programme area of Slovenia and Austria. At first, we visited the project SKUPAJ. On the border between Slovenia and Austria, the participants were together with the project partners welcomed by the mayors of Gornja Radgona and Bad Radkersburg, Anton Kampuš and Josef Sommer. Accompanied by a media team from TV AS, the participants had, despite the high water level of the river Mura, a look at the investments on the Slovenian and Austrian riverbanks and at the same time realised the difficulties of implementing such investments. On behalf of the project partnership of the project City Cooperation, Mag. Christian Fraissler-Simm (Regionalentwicklung Steiermark) and Andrej Vršič (director of LTO) introduced the participants in Bad Radkersburg to the content of the project. Escorted by four mascots of Slovenian cities of the project the participants had some refreshments and went afterwards to a tour through the city of Bad Radkersburg, where, by using a mobile application developed in the frame of the project, explored the main attractions of the city. We continued our journey towards Šentilj/Spielfeld. Led by the project manager of the project BorderArch-Steiermark, Dr. Marko Mele, we visited a prehistoric site in Novine nad Šentiljem/Bubenberg bei Spielfeld, where extensive archaeological surveys and excavations in the frame of the project have been taking place since spring 2014. During a hike through the woods, the participants were informed that previous research has shown that in Hoarrachkogel – a hill above Bubenberg bei Spielfeld – in the Bronze and Iron Age fortified settlement were located with suburbs and tumuli necropolis. This settlement was used to monitor the vital link between Podravje and Pomurje. The project manager and the project partners from the Center for Preventive Archaeology of the Slovenian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage have enabled us to see the mounds along the borderline between Slovenia and Styria, which were, using the latest technologies, discovered, evaluated and researched. The on the spot visits of projects in the frame of the first day were concluded with the presentation of the results of the project EXP-ERT 2020 by the project manager Dragica Marinič in the Center eksperimentov in Maribor. Samo Kupper then invited the participants to visit the traveling exhibition of the project with the title „In the footsteps of Nikola Tesla in Maribor“ which will be on display till the end of November 2014. On the second day (17 September 2014), the participants went on a bus tour in the frame of the Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013 to two projects, which are being implemented in the frame of the programme in the northwestern part of the programme area of Slovenia and Austria. In Čajna/Nötsch im Gailtal the participants were awaited by the Carinthian programme partners and the project partners of the projects Nature Experience and CULTH:EX CAR-GOR. After visiting the museum and bakery in Čajna/Nötsch, the project partnerships presented the participants the content and results of the two projects, which cover a wide range of natural and cultural attractions. We then went for a walk in the area Čače/Saak and continued towards Arnoldstein, where we visited some of the results of the project Nature Experience and were also informed about reptiles living in the area. The event concluded with a guided tour of the revitalized residues of the monastery Podklošter/Arnoldstein within the project CULTH: EX CAR-GOR. More than 100 participants attended both events. The events presented a great opportunity for exchanging experiences, opinions, and of course for socializing of representatives of various institutions and the public. On Wednesday, 24 September 2014, a contribution concerning the event on the first day will be part of the informative programme on TV AS at 18.05 as the second news contribution in a row. The programme will be repeated the same day at 20.05 and 23.05. A further repitition will be aired the following day (25 September 2014) at 9.35 and 15.35. After being shown on TV AS, the contribution will be available on the website of TV AS under Oddaje – Dogodki – Dogodki 24.9.2014. More information on cross-border cooperation and the respective events is available on the following websites: GOSP – article on 16 September 2014 GOSP – article on 17 September 2014 EC DAY The pictures of both events are uploaded in the Photo gallery.