Mesečni arhiv: julij 2013

Conference of the operation PEMURES – Unused renewable energy sources

On 8 May 2013, the project partners of the operation PEMURES (Penetrating the Energy Market by up to now Unused Energy Sources) organized the opening conference of the operation in Güssing, at which 87 business representatives and mayors from Slovenia and Austria had the possibility to socialize and create new business relations . This conference will pave the way for opening up previously unused sources in both partner countries. More information about the opening conference (presentations, photos, videos) is available under the following links: German Slovenian

The operation Amc Promo BID published its e-newsletter

The purpose of the e-newsletter “Newsletter AMC Promo BID” is to provide further information to professionals and the general public about the current developments and events in the frame of the cross-border operations Amc Promo BID. The operation deals with biodiversity, invasive new plants and the honeybee apis mellifera carnica. More information about the operation is available on the website (Amc Promo BID).