European Cooperation Day – 21 September 2012

In cooperation with the European Commission and the INTERACT Programme, the European Cooperation Day will be celebrated on 21 September 2012 all across Europe for all European cross-border cooperation programmes under the slogan “Sharing borders, growing closer”. The event will take place at different levels: European, cross-border and local level. The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT) acting as Managing Authority of three cross-border cooperation programmes: OP Slovenia – Austria 2007-2013, OP Slovenia – Hungary 2007-2013 and OP IPA Slovenia – Croatia 2007-2013, will on this day organize a so called “Project fair” in Maribor, at Leon Štukelj Square. All three programmes and also some of the projects which are implemented within those will be presented there. In the week from 17 until 22 September 2012, various local activities, such as open days, workshops, etc. will take place in all three programme areas. More information on local events in Slovenian language is published bellow. The events are also published in different languages on a web map under the following link: You are kindly invited! Invitation – European Cooperation Day 2012
Seznam lokalnih dogodkov – DES 2012
Flyer – European Cooperation Day 2012