Study visit by the delegation from Kosovo

On 23 and 24 April 2012, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT) in the frame of a study visit on cross-border cooperation programmes received the delegation of the Ministry of Local Government Administration from Kosovo. The basic objectives of the study visit, which was among others attended by the Secretary General of the Ministry, the Director of Regional Development and European Integration, the Head of the Division for Budget and Finances, the Certifying Officer responsible for approving payments, and coordinators for cross-border cooperation, was acquainting the visitors with the structure of the supporting institutions within the European territorial cooperation and the implementation of programmes of cross-border cooperation. During the visit to Maribor, Laura Lajh Rauter, Head of the Divsion for the management of cross-border programmes, welcomed the delegation in the name of the MEDT. She presented the organizational structure of the ministry and the management of cross-border programmes in the frame of the European territorial cooperation in Slovenia. After the introductory welcome speech and the presentation of the organizational structure, the Heads of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Operational Programme Slovenia-Austria 2007-2013, Mojca Trafela, and of the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Operational Programme Slovenia-Hungary 2007-2013, Jasmina Litrop, acquainted the delegation with the contents and objectives of the cross-border cooperation programmes. The Head of the Operational Programme Slovenia-Hungary 2007-2013, Aleš Mrkela, presented the central monitoring system (ISARR). In the following discussion, special attention was given to the very system for implementing the operational programmes of cross-border cooperation. After the visit to Maribor, which was concluded with a brief presentation of the attractions of this year’s cultural capital, the delegation continued its visit at the headquarters of the MEDT in Ljubljana.